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2017-2018 Staff

Amanda Ross-Robillard


Ms. Ross has been an educator for the past 19 years. She started her career at Mountain View Junior High and then moved to Bonney Lake High School when they opened. She spent 15 years as a Yearbook adviser and has retired from...

Josiah Wolf

Lifestyles, Staff Writer

Josiah has a modest knowledge of economics, formal logic, and TRPGs.

Daniel Shocks


Daniel likes opinion pieces because not only are you telling a story, but when you read a piece of writing from someone you learn their perspective on all things alike and different. You're able to learn much from them while learning...

Alexis Craytor

Staff Writer

Alexis enjoys researching information about events happening around Bonney Lake, as well as important news that may affect Bonney Lake students. She is  interested in writing about common hobbies, or fascinating media news she...

Ivy Schick

Community, Staff Writer

Ivy is a senior who enjoys writing for the entertainment section. She loves gaming and music.

Sarah Bohl


Sarah is a senior who enjoys dogs, chicken pad Thai, going on drives and playing soccer. She likes to write in the sports section because she finds that its something that she can relate to and she finds it interesting as well...

Derrick Shinaul

Lifestyles, Staff Writer

Derrick has many hobbies outside of Panther Tracks such as fishing, drawing, flint knapping, blacksmithing, and playing video games. He also enjoys going to game club on Thursdays and hanging out with his friends.

Yvonne Chang

Community, Staff Writer

Yvonne likes to watch movies with her family and hangout with friends. She is currently on the basketball team and is thinking about doing tennis in Spring. Yvonne is an exchange student from Taiwan and is also apart of the International...


Staff Writer

  Liciela is a senior who loves food, Metallica, her six siblings, and going to the beach (especially in Hawaii!). She also loves to sing, and has been doing so for 14 years! Liciela enjoys writing for the News & Opinion...

Aakil Wasson

A & E, Staff Writer

Aakil enjoys writing for the news and opinion section because he gets to express himself. Outside of Panther Tracks Aakil loves to listen to music and work.

Erica Mortenson

Lifestyles, Staff Writer

Erica likes to write about lifestyles because it's such a broad category with a variety of tasks and interests. Outside of school, she works part time.

Paige Thomas

Lifestyles, Editor

Paige is a senior this year and enjoys being an editor for the entertainment section.

David Warford

A & E, Staff Writer

David is a senior who attends the skill center. Outside of the skills center, he enjoys gaming. His all time favorite game is DOTA2.

Levi Hornbuckle


Levi is a senior who enjoys playing football.

Gavin Sweet

News, Staff Writer

Gavin's hobbies including video games, traveling, and the outdoors. He also has interests in blacksmithing because it's an art he always wanted to do as it is part of his family history.

Eric Hughes

A & E, Staff Writer

Eric is a senior and varsity captain of the Golf team. He also enjoys writing for the sports section.

Stephani Haulet

A & E, Co-Editor

Stephani loves working in the child learning center on campus, and enjoyed being in yearbook as an editor her Junior year. She currently works at Safeway right here in Bonney Lake.

Brianna Weed

News, Staff Writer

Brianna is a cat mom, caffeine addict, Netflix enthusiast, skincare queen, and glitter lover.

Nicole Duttry

Lifestyles, Staff Writer

Nicole is a senior this year and loves to write for the entertainment section because it's an excuse to watch a lot of movies!

Hayden Davis

Community, Staff Writer

Outside of Panther Tracks, Hayden is a member of the National Honor Society, Panther Crue, and the varsity soccer team here at Bonney Lake. He also plays and coaches club soccer at MRFC, and enjoys working at Farrelli's.

Lennon Beckman

New, Editor

Lennon has many hobbies outside of Panther Tracks. She enjoys drawing and writing, attends Book Club, Leo Club, and stage crew. Lennon likes to write about video games, comics and manga, movies, and music.

Faith Gray

A & E, Co-Editor

Faith Gray is a cat mom and senior who loves makeup, shoes and practically anything that has glitter.

Nick Strickler

News, Staff Writer

Enjoys visual design, creative problem-solving, cooking a full breakfast, and entre-pre-neur-ship.

Jenny Shetler

Co-Editor in Chief

Jenny Shetler is a senior who has three jobs: babysitting, painter for Watson's Signs in Wood, and a waitress at Cedar Ridge Retirement and Assisted Living. She loves drawing, painting, hiking, and traveling. Her favorite things...

Matthew Gretler

Co-Editor in Chief

Matthew is a senior and has lived in Bonney Lake his whole life. He has played varsity baseball since he was a freshman and will continue his baseball career next year at Oregon State. Matthew  enjoys spending time in the outdoors...

Brady Hagen


Brady is a senior and enjoys writing for the lifestyle category.

Natalie Rood

Community, Staff Writer

Natalie Rood is a senior who has a bright personality and loves to collaborate with others. She loves working with children at her job at Panther Cubs Learning Center and enjoys time with her friends, family and classmates. She...

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