The Book Necessities

Kenzy Yorgensen, Writer

School is back, and some teachers are giving you sometime to settle back into things. This means you have a lot of free time, and some of that is, gasp, phone less. Teachers will let you just ‘hang out’ in class, because they do not have anything planned, but they will ask you not to be on your phone. There are other options that do not involve electronics, such as books. There are some incredible books out there to read, and they do not even have to be entire books! You can read short stories, which are obviously stories that are short, that do not take too long to read. They are easy to read, and you do not have to commit so much to one book. A fantastic collection of short stories, if you are up for gore, is The Mammoth Book of Body Horror. This book is full of short stories that send chills down your spine, and severely grosses you out. The Mammoth Book of Body Horror features many short stories by famous authors, such as Edgar Allan Poe, Stephen King, and Christopher Fowler.

If you are looking for something longer to read, but not too long, there are single book options. Some of these singular books, that can fill your free time, are Nineteen Eighty Four, Treasure Island, and Watchers. Each book has its own interesting catch that can distract you for extended periods of time. Treasure Island is a book, basically about pirates, and it can be a little difficult to read because of the language. If you enjoy a challenge and pirate adventures, then this book is for you. Now, if you enjoy historical dystopian social science fiction, then this book is for you. Finally, Watchers is a book about the lives of many people, that connect due to an interesting experiments that caused havoc. If you are up for a thrilling horror, then give Watchers a read.

Now, if you are up for a trip through a world created by amazing authors, then series are for you.

Series books can keep you occupied for quite a long time, depending on how many books there are in it. The Enemy is an ongoing series about an apocalyptic world in which every person older than 16, begins to get sick and deteriorate. The gruesome details in these books are beyond disgusting, but disgustingly awesome. Another zombiesque series, that is definitely worth a read, is The Remaining. This series features a man that lives in a bunker and works for the military. He is down there in case of an event that would lead to the collapse of the government. Etiquette and Espionage, a book about a girl that gets sent off to a boarding school by her mother for her behavior. She is suppose to learn etiquette at her new school, away from home, but that is not the only thing she learns. This girl, that was sent away, is given the opportunity to learn espionage as well as etiquette.

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