How and Where to Travel When You’re On a Budget

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How and Where to Travel When You’re On a Budget

Biankah Perez, Lifestyles Writer

Are you young and on a budget, but still want to travel and see cool places you have never been to?

Well here are many ideas you could consider while planning your trip on a budget.

You do NOT need to be rich to travel.

Some places to consider visiting while on a budget would be:

  1. Vietnam

Vietnam is very inexpensive. The most expensive thing that you would pay for is the plane ticket. One night in a 3-5 star hotel is a little bit more expensive than staying at Motel 6 in the United States. A very good meal at a 5 star restaurant in Vietnam will cost you about $5-$10.  On the other hand, a good meal at a 5 star restaurant in the US would cost around $20-$30. Transportation is also very inexpensive. You could choose to walk to places and keep the extra money you would spend on a cab, or spend about $5 a ride.

  1.  Portugal

Portugal is a country where you are able to bargain for anything. If you know how to sweet talk, and/or be very convincing, then this country comes very recommended for you to consider visiting Portugal.




Far Eastern Europe

If you do not like people in super crowded places, like the most popular parts of Europe are, then you should visit eastern Europe. People have lived like royalty for about $50 a day. Now that can’t even get you a cheap motel in the US.

  1.  South Korea

In south Korea the currency is called “won” 1,100 won is the same to $1 to the US. Everything in South Korea is a couple thousand won. That is about 4-5 dollars for everything.

  1.  Central America

In Central America spending $50 american dollars there is living big. Now to some of us spending $50 here in america is not very much and can’t really get you much when you are trying to travel within the US.

To cut back travel costs travel during a low season. Travel when everything is cheaper and not so many people are traveling during those times. Check all airlines and find the best airline to accommodate your budget. Instead of paying for transportation around a city you could consider walking to most places. That could also mean seeing more while walking instead of being in a bus or a car that you have to pay for. Save money in advance before you go on your trip.

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