Daily Driver, Conner Goodno’s Fox Body Mustang

Grahm Hill - Billy Bob Hornbuckle, Executive Automotive Car Guru Journalist's

Conner Goodno, daily drives a 1992 Fox body Mustang GT.
The Fox body mustang is one of the most infamous mustangs to hit the production line. From drag to drift. This original muscle car is hard to miss at any car show. These cars were the envy of the 90’s. Back when Vanilla Ice was hot, what did he drive? That’s right a 5.0 Fox body Mustang. This 5 liter engine produced 225 horsepower and 300 ft pounds of torque. That’s enough power to earn the name “Camaro Killer” and that they were. We asked Conner what his future plans were for his car, and he said “To start off with the seats did not work, and had a big acid stain on the front end that I had to re paint black, (he said that only 2,200 of the mustangs were produced in black). In the future I plan on putting a full exhaust on, then I would like to keep the rest of the car all original”. Sounds like the car culture in Bonney Lake will continue to look better and better towards the end of the school year.


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