The Happiest Place in Bonney Lake

Sarah Bohl, Staff Writer

So when people talk about the “Happiest Place on Earth” they are often talking about the phrase used as a clever marketing slogan to describe Disneyland.  In more recent times I have often used that phrase to describe Costco. I mean, where else can you go and get such a huge variety of products in super-sized packages and for such a good deal?  Shopping at Costco has always been a fun adventure to me, however, with Costco having been a good 20 minute drive away from home we always had to plan outings to Costco and didn’t get to go very often.


When I heard we were getting a Costco in Bonney Lake that was super exciting.  Now I would be able to get jumbo muffins, discounted movie tickets and lots of free samples almost anytime I want or need them.  After watching the construction process for the last six months, this much anticipated new Costco opened to the public in Bonney Lake two weeks ago.  


There are a couple of different versions of Costco stores.  Some are smaller and don’t have some of the extra services inside them.  Some are focused more on business. We are fortunate in Bonney Lake to have one of the larger full service Costco locations.  This means that in addition to all the food, fresh meats and bakery, health and beauty products, office supplies, consumer electronics and other household goods, there is also a pharmacy, ophthalmologist, photo processing, travel services and other assorted services available.  


The new Costco is quite literally a 10 minute walk from my house so I have watched all of the construction and street work that had to be done.  I know there were concerns about the impact on the traffic in the area given that traffic has steadily been getting more congested over the years as Bonney Lake has continued to grow.  In order to support the traffic flow they punched a new street through the plot of land that connects South Prairie Road and Highway 410, leaving Costco in the middle of a triangle shaped piece of land.  That new road serves as the primary access way into Costco.


My first impression of the new Costco is that is a very nice and big one with all my favorite Costco items.  It will be nice to have it so close to home as now I can make a Costco run anytime there is a need rather than having to wait until there were enough things we needed to make the trip to Puyallup.  My favorite feature is the fuel station as the prices of gas are quite a bit cheaper than the other options in the neighborhood. In the first few days there was a plethora of free food samples available and the lines were not that daunting.  They seemed to have been well prepared for the opening.


And what about all that additional traffic?  To be quite honest I have not noticed too much of an increase to the traffic so far.  Most of the traffic seems to use the Highway 410 end of the connector road and since I live just off of South Prairie, maybe I am just not noticing it.  Time will tell though and more and more people start shopping at the new Costco.


Now that Bonney Lake has its own Costco, we can say Bonney Lake has made it big time and is officially “on the map”.  


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