Slate Lake Tapps Look-book

Brady Hagen, Staff Writer

This article is apart of the Slate Clothing Store Video. Each look is labeled by numbers. This article will list the number of the outfit followed by an explanation on that individual look.

Look 1: Just Black Jeans with a small amount of distress in the knees. Grey Lush long sleeve V-Neck. Gold three chain necklace.

Look 2: Joe’s jeans with small distress in the cuffs. Niki Biki tank top. Lush floral button up(unbuttoned). Gold Three chain necklace.

Look 3: Same as look 2 just with a Green Niki Biki tank top.

Look 4: Dear John two tone denim jeans. Billabong off the shoulder shirt with flared sleeves. Gold three chain necklace.

Look 5: Gold three chain necklace. Lush blush V-Neck. Hudson jeans with holes in the knee with small distress.

Look 6: White Lelis button up with “keep the mood” in black and purls on the back.

Look 7: Lush blush V-Neck with white flower mesh cardigan. Gold three chain necklace.  

Look 8: Distressed outseam Sneak peek jeans. Lush silver polka dot top.

Look 9: Z-Supply V-Neck. Just black light wash denim jeans. Crystal ball perfume.

Look 10: Mono B fleece turtleneck long sleeve. Joe’s jeans with small distress in the cuffs.

Look 11: Blactape_ floral dress.

Look 12: Joe’s jeans with distress in one knee. Mona B green army jacket.

Look 13: Mens Billabong t shirt and shorts. Mens watch.

Look 14: LA Coalition faux fur jacket. Just Black jeans with holes in the knee.

Look 15: Dreamers cream cardigan. Green Mona B long sleeve. Black Tape button up mini skirt. Black heels.

Look 16: Blank NYC jeans. Dreamers long cardigan. Black Z-supply V-Neck.

Look 17: Light denim distressed jeans. Lush button up. Billabong flip flops.

Look 18: Dreamers velvet dress.

Look 19: Black backless heels. Joe’s jeans. Lush pink top.

Look 20: Black Tape Burgundy top. Blank NYC jeans. Black backless heels.

Look 21: Joe’s light wash mom jeans.

Look 22: Mona B distressed long jean jacket. Black dress.

Look 23: Just Black jeans. Mona B long sleeve.

Look 24: LA coalition sandals. Pink Articles of Society jeans. Z-supply grey suede V-Neck.

Look 25: PD sandals. Articles of society jeans. Dreamers mustard sweater.

Look 26: Lush pink top. Articles of Society white jeans.

Look 27: Black dress. Mono B Long denim jacket.

Look 28: Rock Revival Jeans. 4th of july T.

Look 29: Pink off the shoulder top. White articles of Society jeans.

Look 30: Blank NYC jeans.

Look 31:LA coalition cardigan. White T. Blank NYC jeans.

Look 32: Lush Dress.

Look 33: Mona B green army jacket. Black shirt. Rock Revival jeans.

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