Echo Combat Closed Beta Review

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Echo Combat Closed Beta Review

David Warford, Staff Wrighter

Echo combat went into closed beta, this is a review form that time frame, so everything here is in a development state and anything is subject to change.

Echo Combat is is zero gravity first person shooter, that shares many mechanics that Echo Arena has, in fact when the game releases they will be the same game.

Echo Combat was plagued with a series of technical issues, however this was to be expected, and the rapid response time of the developers was astounding. Although around the end of the beta some of the issues i had were simply too great to continue playing.

The overall mechanics were great, the movement felt really good and worked well with the weapons. My favorite thing was that 100% of the weapons used projectiles, so your movement had impact on your bullets trajectory, this also negates some of the “if they see you, you die” problems that many first person shooters have.

The game also has a nice selection of three weapons, pulsar, nova, comet. Pulsar is the basic rapid fire weapon, it does a reasonable amount of damage and is very effective. The Nova is essentially a shotgun with a medium fire rate. The comet is essentially the sniper of the game, you have to charge it, it fires a fast projectile, and it does a lot of damage. Nova is by far to worst, although it is meant to be the best at close range, you basically have to be inside your target before it starts to do real damage (as in about the same damage per shot as the comet). This is also paired with the danger of closing distances on people, it is very difficult to get close.

The game also has some gadgets you can use, but these extremely unintuitive, and don’t feel to impactful, this is definitely the weak part of the game.

They also have a training area in the social lobby, this training area does a really good job at being a training area, with lots of places to practice aim and test damage.

All in all though, i don’t think this game will stand the test of time, i think it is the best VR fps at the moment, but it won’t last. There simply isn’t enough room for updates, the weapons that exist are serviceable, but unitresting, and the currently existing three gadgets feel uninfluential and unitresting, given the movement mechanics of the game it would have done much better as an arena shooter. Also, even though the movement feels good, and certainly makes shooting interesting, there are no new features that manipulate movement, and it’s simply a waste. However you need to remember that all of this is from an early version  of the game and they are about to enter an extended session of public testing, and the developers have stated that they will not release the game until they are happy with the product.

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