How To End The School Year Right

Nicole Duttry, Staff Writer

The end of the school is coming quick. So end it right make sure you are going to graduate or pass the class you have been slacking in. Make this year and memorable year or at least not a stressful one.

First thing first make sure you are doing good in class with all the senior things that seniors ended up doing. They may have messed some important things. So other the going to prom take this time to make sure you get to walk on stage. Also make sure you have the grades you want.

For the ones who aren’t yet going to graduate remember that what you do now affects your future so finish strong and keep a look on your grades.

Make a plan make sure you know what you are doing this summer. Try to make it fun and helpful remember summers do end.

Study!! You are probably really tired but, big test are coming up. So make sure that you study for them and don’t wait till the last minute.

Keep putting effort in your work and class. You are in the last stretch almost done. So make sure your doing what you need to do.

Stop worrying about little things and focus on the problem aka school that will affect you in the future. Remember the 5:5 rule if it doesn’t matter in 5 years than don’t spend more than 5 minute on it.

What you do now affects you in the some big and some small. So keep doing the best you can and make it through.

Good Luck Everyone!

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