New Football Season And What Freshman Need To Know

Levi Hornbuckle, Staff Writer

The first thing any freshman player should know is that you are in a food chain as soon as you get there. You don’t automatically get to be top dog you study the mannerism and ethics of how the players ahead of you from J.V. to varsity. You need to focus the things that make you a great football player. Whether you come in freshman year and you’re 5’2 and 120 lbs or you’re 6’4′ and 330 you don’t just show up and put on the varsity uniform. For most of the legit football leagues you show up and attend practice you have to put in effort and show that you deserve to be there you have to show that you belong and want to be part of the brotherhood.  Whatever you do don’t be that guy that is good with all the seniors because you’re super comical but you don’t have good work ethic. Where they love you but they love you from the sideline while you are cheering them on. While they are seeking the title and all you can do is scream on the sideline with your almost post puberty scream. Football is a special relationship you obtain overtime from showing you belong. From a man in those shoes I can tell you some things i’ve come to know after this being my last year of football ending.

When you show up to the first practice pay attention you might be on showcase because your new and easy targets for upperclassmen. But they do want you to succeed. You just have to prove that you want to succeed and dont be just some jerk that walks in and doesn’t care because that carries through all your years of highschool and before you know it, it is over. Pay attention to footwork and how far you move them, how much power you put in your legs, how you drive with them hand placement being able to divide your energy up evenly between your feet and your hands. How to properly break hands away when people try to hold you and not allowing the other side to be cheap because everything they throw at you, you are already expecting whatever they have to bring. A key importance when it comes to football is realizing that you do not make the team everybody working together as a unit is what makes the team. Teamwork is key because when people start playing for themselves and stop playing as a team that is usually when mistakes happen and teams lose. Players quit the team because they stop feeling a sense of loyalty when you realize the man beside you doesn’t really care about you or the team they just care about how they look . For some people they don’t even realize that they are that person.  Don’t operate by yourself work collectively as one because together more is achieved and do the things that need to be done for the team to be successful.

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