How To Dress Up Comfy and Weather Safe

Nicole Duttry, Staff Writer

Washington’s weather is the most confusing weather. Especially when it is spring time or fall and it can’t decided on being fall or summer. It is the time of the years where your fall clothes are too warm and your summer clothes are so cold. Let’s not even go in the fact that inside some rooms are too warm and others are too cold. So we do layering which gets kind of annoying. If you are wearing a jacket or a hoodie and you get to hot you take off. Then you have to carry it around for the rest of the day or you risk ruining your hair. Then the jackets ruins your whole look and takes it into a totally new direction. So here are some ways to make layers work.


  • T-shirt dresses are going to be your best friend.
  • Flannels (men’s) are always the best way to warm up.
  • Jean Jacket are always nice.
  • Converse or something like them are the best.
  • Ripped jeans are always a go to.
  • Graphic T-shirts are always helpful.
  • Natural toned hoodies are always a go to.
  • Zipper hoodies are my favorite.
  • Cardigans are so comfy.
  • Try leggings

How to put them together?


T-shirt dresses pair either with flannel, jean jacket, or cardigan. Add some converse or something like them. Add some jewelry if you want to doll it up and put your hair in a ponytail.

Graphic tees add either ripped jeans or leggings converse again. Then you can add a hoodie, flannel or cardigan.


If you worried about messing up you hair. Go with flannel, cardigans, hoodie with zipper or jean jacket. This way you are still warm and if you legs get cold just use them as a blanket. Note* men’s flannels are actually warm and comfy plus they tend to be cheaper.

If you don’t want to carry anything then go with flannel, or cardigan. This way you can either have them hanging off your shoulder or tied around your waist and you will have it when you get cold again.

Converse like shoes are going because, you can’t get to cold in them because, you have hopefully have socks on and you can get to hot cause they don’t have things to keep the heat in.

Ripped jeans and legging keep you from getting to hot. As long as you don’t use you winter leggings meaning they are meant to keep you warm. This is because, they let wind go through them and they don’t tend to trap in the heat. For more warmth do ripped jeans and do leggings if you just want a little warm

If you want to wear a dress go with leggings and cardigans this way you get some warmth but, look cute. Without having to be cold and uncomfortable but, if you are like me and tights are the worst thing ever made go with leggings or high socks.





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