Painting Your Pants?

Nicole Duttry, Staff Writer

So I guess demi pant are the past, people are now painting on them. If you have been on Pinterest lately you have probably seen people doing abstract things on their pants. It makes them more their style and go with the summer vibes but, how it done? Do they use fabric paint or is it acryl and how permit is it?

It you look up painted jeans you see a lot of different things. From the back pockets being painted, the legs and thighs of the jeans. For some it looks like they are just using acrylic paints. Some are really simple and some are more difficult.

When you look at how to make them. You see that is was something people bought like that. As in they did not do it themselves. It is supposed to look like it’s your painting pants but, probably are way too expensive to paint in. I guess they are going for you use your jeans to wipe off your paint brushes. Or you are a really messy painter  the only gets in on the bottoms of your jeans.

But, the diyers have made it made a bit more arty and make more sense. They do art on the their thighs and make it look cool. This is a great idea if you get a sting on your jeans especially light wash. This way you can repurpose them and you do not have to throw away your favorite jeans or shorts.

Now painting on demean is not a new thing it is been done for years but, it is usually on jeans jackets and hat. Now it’s gone to jeans which honestly does not sound comfy and doesn’t sound like it will last very long. With hats and jackets you do not really have to wash them unless you get food or something on them. Even then you do not put them through the washer it’s usually a hand wash deal. So with you have to wash your jeans by hand every other week.

Painted jeans usually go for 30ish dollars which is the normal price of jeans. You can even get them on etsy if you want the “I’m a painter” look but, you do not have the painting jean. But, they do look easy to recreate if you do not want the I’m painter look and instead of a cool design. They go from galaxy to Vincent van Gogh or some simple flowers. They are definitely a fun way to spice up your wardrobe without having to go back out and get new jeans.

Though I do not plan on doing them myself. I do like to see them online and see how many crazy things people put on them. I mean you are wearing artwork on your jeans. Definitely better trend then what people normally come up with I mean there are so many things that can be put on jeans. So you can say I’m excited to see what will pop up on my Pinterest next.



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