What To Wear For Graduation

Nicole Duttry, Staff Writer

It’s coming up soon, GRADUATION! You are going to walk down and get your diploma well the holder for your diploma. It is an event that is pretty big part of your life, your school life is over. You are probably going into the workforce and getting ready for college. This is a big step in your life. Something you have been waiting for along time and it’s finally here. You made it you got through all the homework, pop quizzes, group work, finals, and summit.  But… what are you going to wear it may seem like a small thing but, when you think about it there is going to be a lot of pictures you are probably going out. It’s a formal event wearing leggings or comfy clothes isn’t really going to cut it. So what should you wear?


For girls you could wear a dress with heels just make sure it’s school appropriate. If dresses aren’t your thing just do dressy pants. Something you would wear to a formal event. You may want to go the the school colors to blue or black. This way if people see you outfit under your robe it will at least go together. For heels I recommend wedges they are comfy and you are less likely to fall in front of everyone in them. Don’t go tight with dress you probably eating afterwards and you want to be comfy. Also remember you are sitting for a long time so wear something that is okay to sit in. Also you may not know what the weather will be like so go in layers. Remember it may be warm when you go in but, it gets colder as the not goes on. So keep a jacket either with your things, people, or in your car.


For guys you do not have to do a monkey suit. Just skip the shorts and go with dress pants and a buttons down. It’s pretty easy but, if it’s hot just make wear a polo or dress shirt. Layers are always good to go with and you can change later.


Remember this is a big event there are a lot pictures and family. Now disclaimer this isn’t something like prom you don’t have to get something big or anything. Just dress a little up and remember you are wearing a cap. So keep your hair down unless you want to look like you don’t have hair.

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