Top 5 Childish Gambino Songs

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Top 5 Childish Gambino Songs

Aakil Wasson, Staff Writer

Childish Gambino has really been on everyone’s mind after dropping This Is America early May, so much which I decided to look back at his top five songs including This Is America so here we go.

5. Sober (Kauai-2014)

Sober is about how he was in a relationship and the girl ended it because she was tired of fighting, and now even though their relationship is over with he still loves her and is drinking away his sorrows. The song had some build up to it and the rest of his album because he deleted all of his tweets before tweeting out a link that took you to a website that had a countdown timer and when it hit zero the music video and the rest of the Kauai EP was released into the world, it only made it twenty nine on United States Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs and United States Rhythmic at number thirty two.

4. Sweatpants (Because The Internet-2013)

Gambino said that he cant up with the name Sweatpants because rich people where whatever they want if its a black tie party they’ll go in sweatpants and no one would care if they were that rich. The song can also be interpreted as Childish Gambino being the alter ego of Donald Glover. Sweatpants only made on two charts again this time number twenty four on United States Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles and thirty five on United States Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs.

3. V. 3005 (Because The Internet-2013)

According to Childish Gambino himself “Everybody’s like, ‘It’s a love song,’ it’s kind of an existential thing. I’m just really scared of being alone. When I was little, there was a big dog down the street. I was really scared of it. But when I was with my sister, when I knew I had to protect her, I wasn’t afraid of the dog as much because somebody was there. I had a purpose…I kind of feel lost. I kind of lost that, I feel.” 3005 did a lot better than his past songs being number eighty one is Australia, seventy nine on United Kingdom Singles, eight on United KIngdom R&B, sixty four in UNited States Billboard Hot 100, 19 on United States Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs, eleven on United States Hot Rap Songs, thirty nine United States Mainstream Top 40, and eight on UNited States Rhythmic. It’s also got certified Gold in United Kingdom and Platinum in Australia and United States.

2. Redbone (Awaken, My Love-2016)

Redbone was Childish Gambino’s career high until the release of This Is America making it onto twenty one different chart some of his chart high are number three on Australia, six on United States, one on United States Adult R&B Songs, two United States Rhythmic, fifteen in Belgium, and twelve on United States Billboard Top 100. It also got certified Gold in Denmark France and United Kingdom, Platinum in New Zealand, 2x Platinum in Australia, 3x Platinum in Canada, and 4x Platinum in United States. Redbone is about infidelity and relationships, he is saying that he is scared that if he tries harder with girls they will be drawn farther away from him.

This Is America (2018)

This Is America took all of America and even the world of guard Gambino said he was done making music and he is doing his last tour and then out of nowhere came out with a song and a music video that shows what it is like the be an African American in America. The video has many symbols in it that you have to watch it a couple of times and maybe even do some research to fully see and understand what they all are like the Jim Crow symbol, blackface acting in how he over exaggerates his facial expression and movement, and the dancing how it shows that media is making you focus on what is mainstream and not the chaos that is going on around us. The was released on May 5th and has already been certified Platinum in United states and Gold in Australia. It has also been on twenty eight hit charts fourteen of those have been in the top ten and of those forteen five have been number one.

Honestly I hope Childish Gambino was just joking around when he said that he was going to stop making music and it was his last tour because he has just been doing all kinds of things and is so cool with making hit music and a hit television show at the same time.

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