Top 5 Drake Songs

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Top 5 Drake Songs

Aakil Wasson, Staff Writer

Drake is an artist that receives waaaay too much love and way to much hate for the music that puts out. He gets too much love because he has built such a devoted fan base from his past music that he would release multiple horrible projects and his fanbase would still be loyal devoted supporters, but on the contrary the people that hate him with a burning passion no matter how A1 it sounds they will find a way to hate it. Honestly I was in the group that hates him but the past new songs that he has released were actually good in my opinion, so I decided to give him another chance with his music and I thought I would write about his top five songs.


  1. One Dance (Views-2016)


At number five we have one dance a song I actually liked but I obviously was not the only one because to date it has 23 million views on Youtube. Drake’s One Dance is kinda hard to dissect and tell you what it is really about but so far since it has not been confirmed by Drake himself, but most people think he is saying that no matter what if he wants to slow down he cant he has to have at least One More Dance, one more concert, and one more song because he likes to see his supporters happy. Drake is so popular that all of the top hit charts I can’t put in this article because he has so many but to understand how popular he is this his only his fifth best song according to the charts and he has been on sixty four different charts in twenty nine different countries and was certified 2x platinum in Germany and New Zealand, 3x platinum in Belgium and Denmark, 4x platinum in Spain United Kingdom and United States, 6x platinum in Australia and Italy, 7x platinum in Sweden, and even went diamond in Canada and France.


  1. Fake Love (More Love-2017)


Fake Love made it on thirty four top song charts and of those eleven of them were in the top ten spots of their respective charts, it also went gold in Denmark and France, platinum in Australia Italy and United Kingdom, and it went 4x platinum in United States. The song is about how he has so many friends and girls that are all over him but they are showing fake love because they don’t actually love him or may not even like them, so he gets them out of his life


  1. Hotline Bling (Views-2016)


Hotline Bling was Drake lead sing to his fourth studio album Views, it was met with mixed reviews especially when he came out with the music video where he dances but they are very odd movement that everyone still makes fun of and still makes memes out of. The song was about that everytime his girlfriend called she only wanted sex and nothing really more she was always out traveling instead of actually trying to have a real relationship. The song went all the way to number two which was a carrere high for him but then was takin over by One Dance which hit number one in the United States Hot Top 100 Chart. It won Hip Hop Song of the Year, Video of the Year, Best Director, Best Hip-Hop Video, Most Buzzworthy Canadian, Best Hip-Hop Video at MTV, Best Hip Hop Video at BET, Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Song, Best Rap/Sung Performance, Best Rap Song at the Grammys. Made its way onto fifty six charts and went gold in Belgium Germany and New Zealand, platinum in Canada Denmark Poland and United Kingdom, 2x platinum in Australia, 3x platinum in Italy, and 5x platinum on United States.


  1. Nice For What (2018)


This is his third single in 2018 after the Scary Hours EP and samples from Lauryn Hill, He sings about empowerment to females and how he likes that they are trying live in the light and making money while doing so but keeping a good reputation. It has not won any awards yet because it is too early in the year but it has already been certified gold in Australia New Zealand and United Kingdom, and been certified 2x platinum in Canada. Has already been on thirty top charts, nineteen of which has been in the top ten and of those nineteen it has been in the number one slot in eight of them.


  1. Gods Plan (Scary Hours-2018)


To date this is Drake’s number one song and it was only released earlier this year, it has already received a gold certification in Austria Brazil and Germany, platinum in Belgium France Italy Portugal Spain Sweden and United Kingdom, 2x platinum in New Zealand, 3x platinum in Australia, and 6x platinum in Canada. It has claimed the number one spot in seventeen of the forty charts it has been on so far. The song is about how many people want him to fail but God will not let him do so and has helped him get to the place that he is now.


And there you have it Drake’s top 5 songs in his music career so far.

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