Healthy Hair Tips

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Healthy Hair Tips

Erica Mortenson, Lifestyles Staff Writer

  • Don’t wash your hair everyday

Washing your hair everyday is actually bad for it. Since it strips your hair of the natural oils that protect and keep your hair healthy. It is better to wash your hair every other day if it tends to get greasy. Then if you can wash it every 2 days will be best for your hair and will stop your hair from drying out.

  • Deal carefully with wet hair

When your hair is wet is when it is the most fragile. So take extra care when you are brushing or combing your hair. It is always best to start brushing from the ends and work your way up. Because if your start from the top your hair gets knotted easily and knots can lead to breakage and split ends.

  • Conditioning

It is very important to condition your hair everytime after you wash it. The best conditioners are ones with natural oils such as coconut oil or argan oil. It is always best to use the same shampoo and conditioner brand since their products and ingredients are made to work together to make your hair clean and healthy. A good brand I recommend for keeping your hair shiny, clean, and smelling fresh are from the brand OGX. They have a variety of shampoos and conditioners for different hair needs such as hydration, renewing, rejuvenating, nourishing, and restoring.

  • Avoid tight hair ties

Tight hair ties can lead to breakage and thus unhealthy looking hair. Breakage can increase the look of frizzy unhealthy hair which is the opposite of what you want. Just remember your hair is fragile and if you can avoid tight hair ties and hair styles than it would be in the best interest for your hair health.

  • Satin Pillowcases

Cotton pillow cases are not the best because of their rough texture it causes friction. This friction can cause damage and make your hair all tangled. Thus when you have to brush out the knots your will end up breaking your hair. Satin pillowcases are very smooth and will not absorb the natural oils from your hair, where cotton pillowcases can absorb these oils leaving your hair dry. Since they are much more smooth you will not wake up with such bad “bed-head”.

  • Avoid Over Applying heat

Straightening, curing, and even blow drying your hair all cause tremendous damage to your hair. Over excessive heat can leave your hair brittle, dry, and dull looking. My best advice is to not use heat on your hair everyday, and instead do a side braid, bun, or ponytail. I would also recommend air drying hair and skipping the blow dryer unless you are in a time crunch, your hair will thank you.

  • Hair masks

Hair masks are a great choice in giving your hair the nourishments it needs to look healthy and shiny. There are plenty of natural hair masks you can diy at home or ones you can buy from the store. Get the hair mask that is best for your hair type and your hair will feel and look better than ever.

  • Avoid teasing

This hair styling tactics is a disaster for your hair. It causes breakage and split ends. Then when you have to brush it out you will end up pulling out more of your hair. I would advise you to not tease your hair, or to only do it for special occasions.

  • It is better to wash your hair in cold water

Heat damage can even come from your shower water. It is actually better to wash your hair in cold water because it seals your hair cuticles and smoother cuticles reflect the light better, thus making your hair appear more shiny and healthy.

  • Healthy eating

This tip is a given. Eating the right vitamins and nutrients will help your hair grow and make it healthy and strong.

  • Avoid these products found in shampoos and conditioners

Silicones, sulfates, and alcohols

  • Vitamins

There are also vitamins you can take for skin and hair that give you the right vitamins you might not otherwise get in your normal diet.

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