Hiding Bangs

Nicole Duttry, Staff Writer

You can want to hide your bangs for many reasons either you ended up not liking them, they are too long  but, also too short, your trying to grow them out or simply you just want something new. Here are ways to have cute hair in the awkward parts of bangs.

Three Braid Half Up: Take a two inch section of your hair then take about a centimeter braid to the end of the section. Do the same to the other side and use black or clear plastic bands to keep in place.

High Half Up: Basically you just do what you would when you do a normal half up but, you just tie at the end of you bangs. Make it be higher up.

Split Frame Braid: Split you hair and bangs down the middle and braid each side make sure you do a tight braid.

High top knot: Tilt your hair in front of your face. Then take all your hair into a tight ponytail and wrap the rest of your hair around and pin in place.

Braid buns: Braid the bangs backward do two high ponytails on both sides. Braid the hair and pin in place.

Frame Tuck: Take the front of your hair and  add in longer pieces then tuck it under your hair and pin in place. Move your hair so that is covers the bobby pin.

Twist Frame and tuck: Choose a side and twist your hair until it reaches your ear. Then tuck under the rest of your hair and pin in place.

Twist frame and pinned back: It’s almost exactly like the twist frame and tuck but, instead of tucking you just pin it to the top of your hair.

Three headband: A link will be at the end with pictures to see exactly how to do it but, mostly it’s like a French braid

Split Twist: Split hair down the middle twist you side back and pins in place. Do to the other side.

Twist bun: You twist the front section of your hair twist to one side. Then you take all your hair to one side tie in place and make a low bun.

Twisted two Buns: For the front pieces of your hair do the same as you would the  split twist. Just add the two buns.


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