Why Are Mondays So stressful? 5 Reasons Why

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Why Are Mondays So stressful? 5 Reasons Why

Gavin Sweet, Staff Writer

Note: This opinion piece is not meant to be taken seriously. It is only for fun and is meant to express an opinion in a humorous manner. You can give your opinion, but please be respectful.


When it comes to the week, nothing increases stress more than a monday. We have all heard the phrase “I hate mondays”, which is an old joke by now with a lot of truth to it. I myself am not a fan of mondays at all (kind of like how I dislike sweet potato fries quite a lot (just my opinion)), but I have no doubt that I am not alone. We might as well have a laugh to reduce stress from a monday with a few reasons that mondays are the most difficult time of the week for most people.


  1. It gets you off track in the beginning of the week when you are not careful. This is going to happen and is generally not great. Even though monday can be considered an adjustment day for the beginning of a week, it is a pretty difficult one. It is one of those times where you might want to sleep in, but you can’t because you have to go to work or school. If you want to avoid this, then adjusting your sleep schedule might not be a bad idea.


  1. Since you have to get up early when you have school or work, you will still be waking up. This is not good if you work in construction or engineering since feeling sleepy increases the danger of machinery and it is also going to get you in trouble if you are driving while you feel sleepy. Whenever it is Monday, it would be best to get as much sleep as possible so that going to work will be less dangerous.


  1. During the day, there is not much excitement and it is pretty easy to see why. For starters, later in the future when you get a job, a monday might just feel the same: Boring, stressful, and even annoying (which is pretty much how I see mondays. I think of a monday in the form of being like a paper jam which is when a printer is malfunctioning). This is not surprising at all unless you happen to like mondays (which does not bother me). Unless you like mondays, just sleep in, but only on a day off because it would not be good if you want to keep your job.


  1. When you forget to do homework over the weekend, it comes back to haunt you on Monday. This is probably the worst on this list as the stress level could go off the charts if you forgot to do homework over the weekend and your grade goes down. When you remember to do your homework on the weekend (even though you may not want to), then you have less to worry about which is better. To avoid this, write a schedule on a calendar that you can remember to check so you do the homework to not worry about it.


  1. What you originally planned for monday may end up changing which is not fun. This can mean missing a test because you were sick over the weekend or you don’t feel awake and somehow miss the bus. If this happens to you, then getting back on track is the best priority. It is also good to ask for help when you need it, especially if a test is worth a lot of points in the gradebook.


Not many people like mondays, but this is understandable. I want to know what you think. Do you like mondays? Why or why not? Leave a comment below.

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