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Congratulations to the Spanters Team

Lennon Beckman, Editor

A while ago, during Bonney Lake High School’s most recent assembly, the school’s various sports teams received an ovation from the faculty, ASB, and students for their hard work and effort that they had given during the winter season. However, the sports team that will be referred today is none other than the BLHS Special Olympics team. During that particular assembly, their hard work and determination were cheered for, along with their displays of good sportsmanship during the competition that they had participated in. With such amazing attributes and great skill, it’s no wonder that their most recent achievement was able to be achieved. Oh yes, I am talking about how they have recently participated in Special Olympics Regionals and earned gold medals!

The weight of this victory really lies in what is in store for the gold medal winners, especially since this means that they can go to state! The efforts of of this team should not be forgotten. Especially since they are representing three DLC programs from BLHS, SHS, and District Community Based Transition Program (for ages 18-21). They really are a kind and skilled group of students, so make sure to congratulate any of these talented students in the halls if you see any of them.

The following students’ results are from the Spanters Team (A combination of Bonney Lake High School and Sumner High School athletes) so there is not any confusion on names that some people do not recognize.

Gold Medal Winners:

  • Jayme Hughes – Mini Javelin Throw

Jayme Hughes (center).

  • Robbie Mintz – Mini Javelin Throw

  • Spencer Day – Tennis Ball Throw

Spencer with his assistant, Leaniva Richardson

  • Cameron Mickelson – Softball Throw
  • Robert Kinderknecht – 200 Meter Dash

Now, for the other results. Be sure to congratulate the students listed if you see them in the halls. 

100m dash (F)

  • Bailey Roberts Heat 25- 6th Place

Bailey Roberts (Center)

  • Lily Manges Heat 26- 4th Place

  • Jayme Hughes Heat 28- 2nd Place

  • Emily Hurst heat 29- 3rd Place

  • Mikayla Huson heat 29- 4th Place

Emily Hurst (left) and Mikayla Huson (right).


50m Assistant Walk:

  • Spencer Day Heat 43- 3rd Place
  • Nick Premo Heat 43- 2nd Place

100m Dash (M):

  • Gage Roy Heat 73- 5th Place

Gage Roy (center).

  • Robbie Minz Heat 79- 6th Place
  • Cameron Micklesen Heat 81- 4th Place
  • Allan Zurowski Heat 81- 6th Place
  • Matt Gomen Heat 80 – 5th Place
  • Naveed Haziq Heat 80- 2nd Place
  • Robert Kinderknecht Heat 80- 4th Place

    Naveed Haziq (2nd Left), Matt Gomen (middle), and Robert Kinderknecht (far right).

200m Dash:

  • Bailey Roberts Heat 134- 3rd Place
  • Jayme Hughes Heat 136- 4th Place
  • Emily Hurst Heat 137- 4th Place
  • Mikayla Huson Heat 137- 5th Place
  • Gage Roy Heat 143- 3rd Place
  • Naveed Haziq Heat 147- 5th Place
  • Matt Gomen Heat 150- 4th Place
  • Robert Kinderknecht Heat 150- 1st Place
  • Cameron Micklesen Heat 150- 2nd Place
  • Allan Zurowski Heat 150- 6th Place

Mini Jave (Male and Female):

  • 1st Place- Jayme Hughes
  • 2nd Place- Matt Gomen
  • 3rd Place- Emily Hurst, Naveed Haziq, and Bailey Roberts
  • 4th Place- Lily Manges & Gage Roy
  • 5th Place- Robert Kinderknecht


  • 1st Place- Cameron Micklesen & Robbie Minz
  • 2nd Place- Allan Zurowski
  • 3rd Place- Nick Premo


  • 1st Place- Spencer Day

Congratulations, Panthers!

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Congratulations to the Spanters Team