Parks to Visit During the Summer

Gavin Sweet, Staff Writer

Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. The cool part of this picture is the double rainbow.

Once you get out of school on the last day you are probably going to want a break, which can be great for relieving stress. Getting extra sleep can be good, but going outside can help balance the schedule between sleep and going outdoors. There are many parks to visit during the summer, but these are a few good examples of where to visit.

  1. Mt. Rainier National Park: It can be busy this time of year at this park, but it is worth visiting. The park is split into 4 sections which can help make it easier to track where you are. There is a lot of wildlife to see like deer, foxes, bears, etc. It would be recommended for you to be careful and not go too close to the animals. If you want to learn more, refer to my guide on surviving the woods. There is also a lot of history which includes when the park was established after Washington gained statehood and there are even antique gasoline stations from back in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s that you can also check out at this park.


  1. Yellowstone National Park: This famous park also has a lot of history attached to it and is great if you want to go to a park with more of a desert climate. There is a lot to see at the park including similar wildlife to what you might see at Mt. Rainier, but part of the park is also bear country which you are going to want to proceed with caution in. There is also an area in the park with geysers that are dangerous so it is completely advised to stay away from where the geysers are at and only look at them from a distance because they are essentially volcanoes that erupt really hot water which can result in burns.


  1. Allan Yorke Park: This is where Lake Tapps is located and while it is small, there is plenty of things to do like taking a boat into the water or bringing your dog to the park as well. There was a time when there was not a lot going on during summer. A couple of years ago, there was not much of a lake because of an invasive species which was ruining the ecosystem which resulted in draining the lake of its water so the invasive species problem could be resolved. The situation got better and the lake is now more like a lake than it was before. Now you can enjoy the outdoors more now that the lake is more like a lake


  1. Your local dog park: If you have a dog, then it would be a great idea to socialize it with other dogs. It is also a good opportunity for you and your dog to get exercise, meet new people and have your dog become more comfortable around other dogs.


  1. Mt. St. Helens National Park: This park was one of the most historically significant in the state due to how the volcano’s eruption affected a lot of people and the environment in 1980. Now, the environment is better and there are trees that remained after the eruption that you can see, as well as what remains of the volcano.


Going to a park once in a while can be good for balancing sleep and exercise along with visiting national parks that can also teach you about their history. Which one of these parks do you like to visit? Is there are any that was missed? Leave a comment below to let me know.

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