Daniel Shocks, Section Writer

Traveling is hands down one of the most amazing and thrilling experiences ever. From the different plane rides and airports to the actual intended destination, nothing comes close to being able to have a good time travelling and seeing what the world has to offer. You get to experience events that don’t regularly happen in some of the places you have lived, but there’s also a downside to travel. It’s expensive; costs a lot of money and time and may be impossible for some peoples schedules. Travel is just one of those that only some people can do and the people who cannot are simply too busy to venture  outside of their busy bee bubble. Let’s try to make travel a bit simpler.


Skyscanner is an app available to androids and apple products in either the apple app store or google play. Skyscanner plans everything for you and gives you real numbers for traveling. Skyscanner compares flights for you and tries to give you the cheapest flights, they also allow you to plans months in advance and give you numbers for those months too. Then they find available hotels next to the airport you’ll be flying into and show the prices for those again looking for cheap hotels too. Finally they find you transportation as well. Skyscanner is the best traveling app out there.


Once you know where you want to go head to Skyscanner and commit to going to that place, the place you decided to go means something to you so why not go. Book it in advance and request time off on work, studies show looking forward to traveling somewhere makes you happy for up to 8 weeks. Do it, go travel. Adventure is out there, it’s expensive and worth it so don’t diminish your aspirations because of how expensive it may be just save and save some more and one day you’ll be thankful you ever started.

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